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About Waste Knot

Waste Knot is a mobile marine sanitation service company that has built it's reputation on trust, reliability, and Ambassador Service in combination with quality work. We now have two full-time boats at our disposal!

  • Custom built 26 foot septic service vessels

  • Capacity 1000 gallons

  • Specialized Edson pump that is capable of giving leaving your septic system sludge free

  • Manned with a crew that has professional knowledge of all vessels and fittings to get the job done

  • Every boat needs a professional to service the tank at least every 3 months to eliminate order and control tank build up of solids

  • When you acquire a new vessel add the professional pump out schedule

  • Don't get caught with pump out problems

Waste Knot provides three steps to its customers.

1. The best boats, Custom built, just for the Delta, and its users by proud boat builders that specializes in septic boats as well as vessels for patrol etc. We believe our boats encourage pride in our community.
2. The best pump available: We don't just pump the top of your tank, we pump the bottom, adding a new definition to "empty". Each application is done with the proper fittings to assure no leaks or spillage. We also specialize in refreshing your system, with system flush on board, and environmentally friendly products that make boating a pleasure. There is no better pump!
3. We don't just pump your boat:  We have experience, pumping thousands of boats. The crew is familiar with all systems, and different styles of boats. Our equipment is designed to pump, and or dislodge items in your system. We provide Ambassador Service to you, and your guests, adding to your pleasant boating experience. It is our commitment to take professional care of your boat, and to provide you with Ambassador Service. That is our personal promise to you, don't give us your business, we want to earn it!

Our Mission is to be the premiere marine sanitation service in the region, working in cooperation with local EPA, Department of Waterways, Department of Fish & Game, and local authorities. We work in an environmentally safe manner, helping to keep the delta clean. We offer the boating public a convenient and affordable method of septic waste removal and disposal. Our commitment to ambassador service and expert response time is our promise to the boaters we serve.

What is the Clean Vessel Act?
Congress passed the Clean Vessel Act in 1992 (CVA) to help reduce pollution from vessel discharges.

  • Why should I worry about boat sewage?

  • No one wants to take a swim where they know there is raw sewage from boats.

  • No one wants to eat raw shellfish that could be contaminated. We all hear a lot about pollution in our water, but what can we, as individuals, do about pollution?

  • Properly managing sewage on our boats is something everyone can do right now to help improve local water quality.


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